Ceiling Fan Installation
The Majority of people look up and see a light in a room and think nothing of it. Then when they want to add a Ceiling Fan they just go buy one. Sometimes this can be a bad decision. Did you know that not all Light Boxes are made the same? Light Boxes that are made to support Ceiling Fans are made to not only support the Weight of the Fan, but also the constant vibration. When you choose Stickler's Electrical Service to come hang your Ceiling Fan not only are we going to hang it, but we are going to check these things. The last thing we want is for this projectile to come falling down on top of You and Your Loved Ones. This is the reason you should always call a certified Electrician to come hang these. Sometimes we get called out for Ceiling Fans "being whobbly" and the majority of the times we find Ceiling Fans not installed on the correct boxes. The other problem we find from this is an Improper Installation.